Write For Us

Fluid is always looking for fresh voices to write on topics of faith, theology, culture and everything in between, from a young adult Canadian perspective. Our readership is culturally engaged, Christian twenty somethings who are looking for spiritual truth that is purposeful and relevant. Our mission is to inspire people to live passionately and purposefully for Christ in whatever context their lives flow into and to help them find unique places where God is nudging at their souls, whether in life, career, music and culture.

Below is a list of sections you can write for:

God is an exploration of spiritual topics (spiritual disciplines, relationship with God, others and the Church, worship). 750-1,000 words

Life covers everything from relationships, career, finance, travel, to psychology and ethics/morality. 750-1,000 words

Culture discusses about what’s new and noteworthy in our culture—trends, fashion, film, books, TV, arts and music. Reviews: 600-800 words; features 750-1,000 words.

Change Makers is about making a difference in whatever context you are in (leadership, social justice, evangelism, discipleship and mentoring). 750-1,000 words.

To pitch a story idea or submit an article for FluidForward.com, email us at submissions@fluidgathering.com.

We do our best to respond to all inquiries and submissions, but please note that we get a number of inquiries If you have not heard back from us after 4-6 weeks, please assume that we won’t be using your idea or submission.